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People who love playing poker usually have a favourite online casino site where they have an account set up and where they play regularly. But it’s always a good idea to have a couple of alternative sites to play at, especially if you follow the philosophy of ‘you’ve got to be in to win’. By doing so, you’ll increase your chances of landing one of the big jackpot prizes while you’re doing what you love to do – play poker! There are two great video pokers available in its casino that lead to progressive jackpots. These are Caribbean Stud Poker and Jacks or Better.

In Caribbean Stud Poker you’ll be dealt five cards as will the dealer, the dealer’s last card being dealt face up. Any bonus bets will be paid out at this point, and then you choose whether to Fold or Raise. If you Raise, you have to double your original bet and the two hands will be compared. If yours is the winning hand you’ll be paid out according to the paytable. Before the cards are dealt you can choose to place a bonus bet, which costs a fixed price of £1. Like other games on the site, casino progressive jackpots are made up of a percentage of players’ bets, so if a game’s really popular the jackpot can grow really quickly. 70p of each bonus bet £1 will go into the Game Jackpot, and different poker hands will result in different payouts. A Royal Flush will win you the whole Game Jackpot, and a straight flush will pay out 10% of the Game Jackpot in Caribbean Stud Poker.

The Jacks or Better progressive jackpot is paid out if you get a Spade Royal Flush, so if any of your cards could lead to that possibility, you should hold onto them. To play, you need to decide on the number of hands you wish to play each round and the coin value you want to play with. On this casino game, the more hands you choose, the lower the coin value can be. Once you’ve decided how many hands to play, you just click on Draw to get the first cards dealt. Choose if you want to hold any of them and they’ll be held across all your hands (that’s the beauty of video poker!) and then click on Draw again to see how many wins you’ll get.

The online casino games are easy to get to grips with and learn your way around. If you aren’t sure of how a game works, you can always test it out in demo mode first.

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