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Learn from your mistakes

The longer you play sports betting or poker, the more you will realise that mistakes will always happen in your game and it is not possible to make the right decision every time you play a hand.

What is important though is that you try and learn from these errors, especially as online casino beginner who is still learning the game. The only way to do this though is to evaluate how you have played after each session. If you were eliminating from a tournament, think carefully about the wrong decisions you made that led to your downfall. Consider if you were in control of your play and not affected by tilt at any stage.

Sometimes though when you are doing an evaluation in poker it is not as simple as did you win the hand. In a lot of cases you may have made the wrong call at the time but got lucky on the flop or in the middle which actually turned out to play in your favour. This is where you have to look at this individual move and think about how effective it would be in the long run. Likewise, even though you may have lost certain hands, you may have made the right call so it just as important not to change anything for the sake of it just because it did not work out for you this time.

What is good practise is to evaluate your opponents while you are inactive at the table. Watch the remaining players and monitor how they play their hands. Once they reveal their cards, you can see who made the right decisions and how they did it.

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