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Defeat Your Opponent on a Big Blind

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Playing poker can not only be fun but also a very rewarding game if you know all the strategies right. Here are a few tips to help you win if you are playing on a big blind

•    While on a big blind the best strategy is to push the opponent out as soon as you can. The best way to do this is to raise and intimidate your opponent on a medium strong hand to end the pot and win it right then and there. Blinds can be very valuable at the later stage in a tournament so it is best to make the most of it while you can.

•    If you are on a big blind, do not be scared to be aggressive. You would be in the lead so don’t be scared to take the initiative, you would have the added advantage of knowing the possible actions of your opponent before you make any decision. Don’t hesitate to bet on a flop card, if your opponent checks you should go ahead and bet every single time. Again, if your opponent knows that you bet on each and every flop he would start raising on your bet which could put you in an a sticky spot, but even then you could always fold rather than check without even loosing much.

•    If you are playing with an opponent who bets on most of the flops in hopes of making you fold, you could take advantage of that by calling on the first bet. Once you do that you can see what your opponent would do on the fourth street, if your opponent checks on the turn there are good chances that you could win by placing a bet.

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•    With a big blind the advantage is that you can see your opponent’s checks at every point, you can thus make out if he has weak cards. On a small river, if the opponent has checked a hand it is a good idea to put in a small bet. If your opponent did have a strong hand it isn’t really likely that he would have checked three times rather than raising. This might not work in all situations, since if he does have a medium-strong hand he might try to re-raise but in most situations he would have a weak hand and would certainly fold.