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Effective Date: October 30, 2003

Corporal Privacy Policy

We value the users as our valuable clients and consider their personal security as an important issue. We gather several personal details you while offering certain financial which are considered to be confidential by you about or credit services to you. This data might be held in application forms or other data form that are submitted by users to us, data collected from the gaming activity by users, or got from our affiliates or other 3rd parties like credit organizations. Hence, we are giving this notice to demystify our policies for gathering, sharing and using the information with others.

Privacy Principles

We protect, concordant to our rigid confidentiality and security criteria, all private data we gather about our customers. We preserve and protect such personal data through, electronic, physical, as well as organizational safeguards. We contractually need any organization or individual offering services and products on behalf of us to safeguard the confidentiality of such data. We allow only authorized and trained workers to handle and access such sensitive data.

Data We Might Collect

We gather and make use of data that we consider in important for administering our business and offering the users with their requested financial services. We might gather and preserve certain types of data as required for the needs listed below,

Data gathered we get on financial services or other credit applications, like name, official or residential address, mobile or phone number, SSN and other personally identifiable info. Information that is gather about the users from other resources like credit organizations, connected to the credit history of users and other commercial transactions with others. Data gather about us, which includes the history of payment records, and the gaming activities with Harrah’s Operating Company, Inc. and its affiliated entities.

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