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Slots for everyone

Slots machines are found pretty much everywhere now, from down at the local pub to the famous casino strips in Las Vegas.

But now you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home to play the ever-popular fruit machines. Whether you're after a small wager or looking for a big win, the famous fruit machines can provide either.

Online slots give you a variety of what type of machine to play on, offering different bonuses and features depending on the game you want to play. No matter what your interests outside of the casino are, there will be a machine for you to combine both hobbies.

Granted, if that hobby is football, you won't have to run around a pitch for 90 minutes but you could be on the end of a big win should you match the football related symbols. Similarly, if you normally like to play roulette online for real money, check out one of the roulette-themed machines.

There are many perceptions of 'lucky machines' at casinos, that can't be the case when playing online, but feel the adrenaline rush as the symbols of your favourite slot machines line up to reveal a winning combination.

The streets of Las Vegas will always be full of stories of people hoping to win the jackpot. This is what excites the average punter, the chance that you could be lucky enough to win from only putting a few pounds in a machine.

Some of us just aren't that lucky though.

One man, who was, twice, is Elmer Sherwin. Haven't heard of him? He won the 'Megabucks' jackpot, not once but twice in 20 years. The first jackpot was a measly $4million in comparison to his second jackpot in Las Vegas, Nevada, where he won $21m.

Not everyone can be as lucky as Mr Sherwin but the potential for a win is out there and who knows how much it could be.

The most popular slot machines have small stakes and allow you to understand the game before increasing the stake, whether it is on that machine or a different machine. Persistence is often viewed as the way to get a big win but each spin is random and can result in jackpot at anytime, theoretically there is no reason why it can't be me or you.

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