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15 Secrets of Successful Gambling

Once you are ready to gamble, you should know these 15 secrets of successful gambling that will help you stay profitable and enjoy the gambling experience. Below is a highlight of these tips that will change your gambling game for good and for better.

Secret 1: know your limits. Money management skill is something you must have in order to be a successful gambler. You should know the maximum amount of money you can comfortably spend on gambling but unfortunately, this is one of the areas where gamblers experience real troubles in.

Secret 2: get full value of your bets which includes taking full advantage of freebies and comps being offered by the casino. Ensure that you join the casino’s player club to get comps and loyalty points.

Secret 3: make sure that you don’t do anything foolish as there are always cameras all over to protect the casino and possibly you from incidences that might deny you a fair play and possibly deny others a fair play. These cameras are used to spot any act of cheating by any gamer that can jeopardize the fairness of the game.

Secret 4: before you start gambling, it is essential that you first know the games and then decide on which ones to play depending on your objectives. You should also know about games with better odds especially if you are playing to win money rather than just have fun.

Secret 5: you shouldn’t be scared by the taxman. It is common for taxes to be levied on game wins and some players tend to shy away from playing as they don’t want the government to take their cash.

Secret 6: if you are playing blackjack at a casino and you have no idea of how the hand is played, don’t hesitate to ask the dealer. More often than not, they will be willing to help.

Secret 7: if you are playing slots, always opt for video poker as it offers much better odds and you can profit more and easily.

Secret 8: also, when playing slots, play only 3 reel machines if you want luck to be on your side.

Secret 9: always play with maximum coins possible on the slot machine as this is the only way to maximize your winnings in case you are lucky.

Secret 10: roulette is a popular casino game and if it is your favorite, never play 5 spots which includes 0, 00. 1, 2, 3.

Secret 11: it is advisable that you play only jacks or the better 9/6 poker machines which offer 9 for full house and 6 for flush.

Secret 12: you should only play craps when 2 times odds by the house or better than this.

Secret 13: at craps, always keep to the simple bets and avoid complicated ones as they might not work to your favor.

Step 14: don’t tip the dealers but rather, place a bet on the table or slot for them.

Step 15: finally, to be a successful gambler, you will need to be a disciplined player and patient.

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