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Fair Gambling Certificates

Gambling is a sensitive past time because it has potential for huge losses. This is not losing money while gambling but losing money to the casino’s themselves through unscrupulous means. While many casinos operate above board, there are others that do not operate fair gaming establishments. How do you tell the good apart from the bad?

Certified fair gambling (CFG)

The certified fair Gambling Company was founded in 2003 and is respected worldwide as the number one online gambling certification company. They audit online casinos and provide a certified fair gambling seal to any online casino that satisfies their criteria.

This is a seal that shows the casino you are dealing with is honest. This certificate is attained after the online casino software is audited to ensure that the site is secure and trustworthy. This means you can give them your money and personal information without worrying that it will fall in the wrong hands or that they will steal your money from you.

This certification also provides assurance that all games in the casino are run on a basis of fairness; so that when you lose, you know you have lost the game fair and square. The employees of this organization examine and report on all the games offered in an online casino. They provide monthly audits keeping an eye on return to player payout percentages (RTPs), random number generators and other quality assurance measures.

This company also provides audit mediation between software developers, players and casino proprietors. The goal is to provide gamblers with assurance that when they play games in online casinos, everything is done fairly. This certification has become a sign of excellence and casinos with certified fairness gambling certificates are attracting more gamblers as compared to those that don’t. There are other online casino auditing firms such as eCOGRA.

eCogra Certification

eCOGRA is another certification that provides enough quality assurance when it comes to online casinos. It is fully referred to as eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance, and it sets gambling standards for online casinos and players, as well. They ensure that there is responsible conduct when playing online games and that the player’s interests are protected when playing online casino games.

This certification fights against issues such as identity theft, unfair gaming practices and fraud. These are vices that are very easy to commit online because the player is not in the same location as the casino administration. If the casino operators tamper with their online games, it will be hard for patrons to realize. This problem has caused many people to shun online gambling.

However, with organizations like eCOGRA in existence, there is no need to fear. As long as their seal of approval is on a casino website the player can be sure that the software being used is fair and is using the right payout rates and a fair house edge. It also ensures that the player is assured of a reliable connection, and there is a fair solving of any complaints lodged by players.

Fair gaming certification seals and eCOGRA seals are a good thing to look out for before enlisting on to any online casino.

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