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Winning Poker Hand Rank

When you play slots you have to learn the online slots machine and paylines, when you want to play the roulette download game, you should learn bets. When you choose poker, you are to study poker hands.

Royal Flush

A straight from 10 to Ace, and all from one suit. All the suits are of equal rank in poker.

Straight Flush

Any sequence of cards, with all the cards from the same suit.

Four of a Kind

Any four cards from one rank. In case two or more players have Four of a Kind, the fifth card’s or kicker value is considered.

Full House

Any three cards with one rank and two other cards in another rank.


Any five non-consecutive cards with one suit. The highest ranked card shows the strength of the Flush.


Any five consecutively numbered cards in different suits. Aces are both low and high unless otherwise determined.

Three of a Kind

Any three cards from one rank. When two poker players have the combinations of the same poker hand rank, the rest cards’ strength is considered.

Two Pair

Two pairs of cards. Two Aces and Two Kings this is the best ranking version of Two Pair.

One Pair

Any two cards from one value. The rest cards are considered only in case of two gamblers holding a pair of equal rank.

High Card

When the hand does not have any of the other mentioned cards combinations, the highest card is considered, then the next in the event of the tie. In this hand the suit of the highest card does not matter.

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